US based Company to produce 800hp V10 BMW 2002 worth nearly $1 million

The want is so unbelievably strong.

1y ago

Ummmmm. Yea. So here's the thing. I need money. Like, lots of money. Mainly because my obsession and passion is cars. Cars can be cheap, yes. This we all know to be true. However, the really special ones cost a fortune. Pagani, Ferrari, McLaren, Koenigsegg...whatever. They're all expensive and I want them all.

But there are others that are just as, if not more, expensive that have a bit more of a unique flavor should you choose to forego the new super or hyper car realm. Singer Porsches are a great example. Singer takes older 911s and turns them into works of art with modern parts while holding true to the car's original purpose.

Now, a team from Indiana here in the US is looking to do the same thing with the BMW 2002.

Gruppe5 Motorsport has rendered out this staggeringly beautiful, wide-body 2002 with a massive rear wing out back. They plan to drop an 800hp, V10 engine in the front which will be handled by world famous BMW tuning guru, Steve Dinan. Dinan, along with Bill and Bob Reily, worked up this joint venture. The 5.9-liter V10 will be a heavily modified version of BMW's S85 engine and will require a rebuild and teardown every 60 hours of use. Which seems ridiculous.

If you don't want that, there's a 5.8 liter which makes a still bonkers 734hp. You'll also get an ally frame which is welded to the tub, composite body panels, center-lock wheels, the massive wing, body effects, and all of this with a light-weight focus. Expect curb weight to come in just under 1 ton.

Ands what will all this cost you? According to Road & Track, $875,000. I wouldn't be surprised if it topped a million with customer requested add ons.

So yea, about that money thing. I need more. Lots more. Or maybe we do a group buy. Who's in?

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Comments (11)

  • No sane person would buy a car that has to be rebuilt every 60 hours. But I guess there is at least 1 and likely several more obscenely weather people who will buy it.

      1 year ago
    • Well the 5.8l engine doesn't have that requirement and has nearly the same amount of horsepower. So I'd just opt for that.

        1 year ago
  • Some more car porn for my folder.

      1 year ago
  • So this thing or any other used exotic hmm... No.

      1 year ago
    • Yea this is a bit out there. I'd much rather buy something like a 675LT and have GOBS of cash left over.

        1 year ago
  • No thanks

      1 year ago