- Image from VW: ID CROZZ Concept

US likely to get second VW electric car called the ID.4

1w ago


If you're in the US but don't keep an eye on the international scene, you might be interested to know that the Frankfurt Motor Show is currently going on in Germany.

Of all the global shows, Frankfurt lands in the top five as far as importance alongside Tokyo, Detroit, Geneva, and LA. NY is up there as well, but it doesn't have the star power any of the others have as far as concepts and unveilings go.

This week at Frankfurt Volkswagen unveiled their new ID.3 electric vehicle, and it looks quite good.

Personally, I love little hatchbacks and the ID.3 fits the bill. The bummer? The US won't get it. However if you're a fan of the electric vehicles then fear not because the next car in the pipeline, likely to be called the ID.4, will very likely be hitting US shores next year.

The hero image on this article is the ID CROZZ concept that VW unveiled which will inform the entirety of the ID range. While a production version of the ID.4 hasn't been revealed, here's a look at the ID.4 concept that was shown at Frankfurt.

It's pretty clear this is a crossover and not a small hatchback, so the US market will likely see it since crossovers are the hottest vehicles going right now outside of pickup trucks.

Last year VW said they would be making production versions of the ID CROZZ and ID BUZZ for the US market. So this is just the beginning of the VW electric revolution.

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