USA Aftermarket Trends of 2018 | Shift Talking Ep. 27

Let's play a game shall we? For everything we mention in this video, if you have it on your car - you get a point! If you get over 5 points, you're a 2018 Car of the Year! We'll even make you a little badge to put on your picture ;-) Seriously, and we're teasing you - you seriously had all the trendy stuff of 2018.


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  • Matte gray - boring and pretentious at the same time, plus I hate the idea of using a wrap for your base color anyway. Delet this.

    Widebodies - meaning the stupid looking "HEY LOOK I HAVE JDM CRED" tack-on overfenders. Just disgusting. Delet this.

    Airbags - for people who want to look stancey at a show, but retain a more usable ride height the rest of the time, and don't care about performance at all. Delet this.

    Bronze wheels - these I'm fine with, though apparently unlike some people, I don't think they go with everything.

    Painted calipers - wait, this is a new thing?

    Roll bars - if it's truly functional, then this is fine. If they're "just for show" cages bent around the interior, then delet this.

    1 month ago
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  • I got none of that, but I'd like some airbags and a supercharger. I don't know about out in Cali, but here it's Station Wagon after Station Wagon after Station Wagon! It's like being in a grocery store parking lot in 1978! The things are everywhere. So many of them it's starting to get old.

    1 month ago


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