USA Aftermarket Trends of 2018 | Shift Talking Ep. 27

Flat Gray Wraps, Bronze Wheels, Airbags, you name it. Time to talk about the most popular US Trends of 2018 and will it carry to 2019?

2y ago

Let's play a game shall we? For everything we mention in this video, if you have it on your car - you get a point! If you get over 5 points, you're a 2018 Car of the Year! We'll even make you a little badge to put on your picture ;-) Seriously, and we're teasing you - you seriously had all the trendy stuff of 2018.


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Comments (2)

  • Matte gray - boring and pretentious at the same time, plus I hate the idea of using a wrap for your base color anyway. Delet this.

    Widebodies - meaning the stupid looking "HEY LOOK I HAVE JDM CRED" tack-on overfenders. Just disgusting. Delet this.

    Airbags - for people who want to look stancey at a show, but retain a more usable ride height the rest of the time, and don't care about performance at all. Delet this.

    Bronze wheels - these I'm fine with, though apparently unlike some people, I don't think they go with everything.

    Painted calipers - wait, this is a new thing?

    Roll bars - if it's truly functional, then this is fine. If they're "just for show" cages bent around the interior, then delet this.

      2 years ago
  • I got none of that, but I'd like some airbags and a supercharger. I don't know about out in Cali, but here it's Station Wagon after Station Wagon after Station Wagon! It's like being in a grocery store parking lot in 1978! The things are everywhere. So many of them it's starting to get old.

      2 years ago