Usain Bolt Launches New Micro EV, The Nano

3d ago


In 2018, Olympic runner Usain Bolt decided to back a young team in Miami, Florida with the aim of revolutionising the mobility sector and to “fill the gaps in micro mobility.” The company first came out with an electric scooter created for ride sharing with a range of up to two miles.

This week, Bolt visited the Viva Technology conference in Paris to unveil its newest vehicle, the Nano. It’s a small, two-seat electric vehicle laid out one behind the other like a Renault Twizy and is once again aimed at the ride sharing market.

In fact, Bolt Mobility predominantly creates its vehicles to be used for short urban journeys and charges its customers to use for a small fee per minute. Currently, in the States, it charges 13p per minute to use its scooters with an additional fee of 86p to initially use them. Once at their destination, customers simply leave the vehicle in a safe place for the next user to go where they need to. This works similarly to rental bikes used in most European cities.

The Nano is the perfect fit for this style of business thanks to a removable battery pack. In fact, most ride sharing companies require their vehicles to be picked up from wherever their customers left them in order to recharge them. The Nano would allow a much more efficient way of keeping the cars charged.

The car is already in the ordering process and will cost everyday users around £8660. However, with the possibility to share their revenue with Bolt Mobility, ride sharing companies can get the vehicle for under £1000.

The main goal of the Nano’s appearance in Paris was to announce the company’s expansion from America into Europe. Therefore, sooner or later, it will be possible to whizz round historic cities such as Paris, Rome or Barcelona with next to no effort at all.