Using Smoke Grenades To Understand The Aerodynamics Of The Acura NSX

    The Acura NSX Is A Masterpiece Of Aerodynamics

    3y ago


    Not only using smoke grenades, but we’re also going to be using flow-visualization paint. What this paint does is show you the real world properties of a vehicle’s aerodynamics. While computational fluid dynamics was heavily utilized in the design of the body shape, this paint will allow for you and I to actually see it all work on car itself. Occasionally you’ll see this paint used in Formula 1 on test days, where teams are looking to determine the effectiveness of their aerodynamics at specific tracks.


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    • Amazing explation of aerodynamics !!!!!

        3 years ago
    • It looks like Audi r8 (front) and Aston Martin (rear) 🚗

        3 years ago


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