- Range Rover Classic.

Utilitarian to Plush!

40w ago


We all know the story of the Range Rover and how it all began in 1970 and how it's developed from a, posh for the day, go anywhere farmers Sunday best, to a supremely capable luxury school runabout.

The Range Rover is here to stay, and it's hard to think of a motor industry without it. In fact the only thing that will kill production is a cataclysmic end of days event. Oh and how it's developed over the years from the classic dash/interior above which is basic but functional to anything but basic.

Range Rover Sport HSE 2010.

This is the dash and interior of a 2010 Sport, this is by no stretch of the imagination a Farmers hack, although you could argue that it is supremely more capable off road. The brand new models take the interiors to another level still, but this is enough tech and sumptuousness for a child of the Sixties.