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When it's time to change, well.. is there a right time to change a Volvo

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That wasn't a surprise, the V70 had reached a decent 200'000 Km and I was considering changing it soon or later. Some may remember that I've asked you about the V60, how is it to drive, how it handle. And then silence. The silence wasn't in my head however.

It took my about three months to figure out what the next ride would be. I was looking for the nice-but-comfortable-however-sporty-but-not-SUV-car. Add the fact that it would be nice to be sitting higher (but still no SUV, I hate them as much as EV. No, I hate EV more, or it's SUV... anyway), and the choice was quite reduced. A V60 cross-country, a passat alltrack or maybe something with Mercedes. I don't really like Audi, nor Skoda.

Yes, a station wagon, sitting higher: " Best of all worlds, wise choice. I'm 43 yo, come on man, have something reasonable." Ok, but I think a car is more than something to go from point A to point B, isn't it? (said the guy on DT...). Let's start again, something wise, sitting higher but a bit sporty. Why not pink to make Mr. Coleman happy? So the options where a bit clearer:

A mercedes E class, slightly sporty and comfortable (not sitting higher), a Volvo V60 cross-country (I tried the V90 and while the front of the car was on the motorway, the back was still in the garage...), a Passat alltrack. But let's face the truth, the E class is a bit posh, isn't it? For a family car, would you want anyone with dirty shoes to sit in it? And would you take it in the woods for a hiking day?

Et voilà, the posh car. Looks nice but precious to me. Works with petrol or champagne?

Et voilà, the posh car. Looks nice but precious to me. Works with petrol or champagne?

"Wise, that what I need to be". Then the Passat! German engineering, used by the police in almost every country (like the V70 was a few years ago), that is a wise choice. Policemen are wise, so will I be. Test driving it, all went fine. Car is fine, handling is fine, interior is fine. Life is fine, except that something is telling me that the boring kingdom is calling me.

All Mercedes and VW lover have probably stop reading at this point. Others probably say "now he will tell us about some Volvo's bullsh*t". And you are right!!! Time for some Volvo's nice stuff!! The story will be however boring if I said that I bought a V60 cross-country. That would be too easy. Let's imagine the Volvo that you shouldn't buy. Low, with 20" wheels, sporty seats. A flashy color maybe. What if the car is with your local dealership? And they tell you to come and test it? You are polite and say yes, why not.

Mine is too dirty, here is a clean one

Mine is too dirty, here is a clean one

Let's start with the color. Bursting blue. I'm a 43 years old kid, I want a blue car. Actually not, but it's blue and I like it now. Goodbye grey, black and whatever in between. If I have to have something sporty, why not going for a fancy color? (red RS2 in the back of your mind?, yellow RS4?). What about comfort? It's called "R-design" and I bet "R" stands for "Racing". Nothing really racing except the sporty seats. And yes, it's low, lower than the standard V60. Wheels? big enough to feel the road. Feel the bumpy road. Imagine a flying carpet, it's nothing like that.

How do I feel now? I love swedish cars, and I have to say this one makes no exception. Forget about reviews you can find on the internet. Forget about the multimedia system, you will get used to it (anyway, it's quite good actually). 190CV, 400 nm, 8 gears are more than enough to have some fun. Because it sticks to the road quite well. And it's fun to drive.

What's the conclusion? None. I won't give you any lesson about what you should buy as long as it's swedish. Just an advice: now I don't need to break anymore before entering a curve.... :-)

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