V8 Powered "Trike" Has 460 Horsepower & Something In Common With The Dodge Demon

You Better Have Good Life Insurance And Hang On Tight

3y ago

From the makers of the insane looking (and probably a Dodge Tomahawk clone) Lazareth LM847, a four-wheeled motorcycle-but-not-really-a-motorcycle, comes another insane creation. The Wazuma V8M is a trike-but-really-a-four-wheeler, that's also powered by the same Maserati 4.7 liter V-8 found in the LM847.

The new "trike" produces an expected 460 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque. Respectable numbers for a normal car, but when applied to a very lightweight trike platform the power-to-weight ratio becomes a brutal reminder to sign up for good life insurance. Perhaps head to the gym and work on your grip strength and NEVER skip leg-days, so you can hang on to this missile properly.

Fortunately, the Wazuma V8M should definitely be a lot more stable than the 880 pound (400 kg) LM847 on the road and while standing still, thanks to the wider front track (three points create a plane. SCIENCE!) Just take a look at a side profile comparison between the two and you'll see plenty of similarities:

That 4.7 liter V-8 will be attached to an automatic six-speed transmission driving the rear axle. While the entire rear is connected via TFX Suspension components, which has user adjustable compression and rebound damping.

The rear set of tires, which are TWO 315 mm wide Michelins riding on 18" wheels (those are Dodge Demon sizes) will have to handle all the grip when the Italian V-8 roars, perhaps all the way up to the 10,000 rev limit indicated on the tachometer. However, given that there isn't much weight sitting atop the rear axle, we wonder how much traction this can generate as it bombs down the road.

We'll have to see how this trike, with Dodge Demon sized rubbers, will fare on the track. Will those massive rubbers properly transfer the 520 lb-ft of torque onto the asphalt, making this a lightning fast vehicle, or will this oversized trike only be an efficient tire-smoking machine?

The Wazuma V8M will only be limited to 10 copies. So if you get your hands on one you'll know that you're driving/riding something that's truly rare.

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