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Valet wrecks Tesla in car park joyride

Someone must be feeling very embarrassed

29w ago

It all takes place at the La Cantera Resort in San Antonio. Here the owner of a pearly white Tesla Model S handed over his keys to a young valet driver who was clearly into his cars.

Excited, the valet driver wasted no time at all taking the Model S to the car park where he almost immediately put the car into its Cheetah Stance Launch Mode.

This setting, like it's name suggests; prepares the car to launch itself from let's say, a race start line. Engage this setting and you can expect the car to drop its front suspension slightly to optimize acceleration. This makes the Model S capable of smashing a quarter mile drag strip in just over 10 seconds which is a record of sorts.

The video below shows how the valet driver comes about and to a stop where the car is placed into it's 'Cheetah Stance'. Then, with all the silence you would expect; the car shoots forward with serious pace before the driver loses control and drives straight up over raised driveway causing serious damage to the front bumper and side panels.

According to the car owners partner who posted the images on social media, the car was written off due to the extent of the damage. Anyone who knows much about Teslas will know that they are actually programmed with a 'Valet Mode' which the valet driver probably now wishes he actually used.

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  • If there is a valet mode, clearly this has happened before with Tesla’s

      6 months ago