Valkyrie & The Project One: Head to Head

A comparative look a the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG Project One

4y ago

There's no doubt that there have been two big hitters in the automotive world this year. In March, at the annual Geneva Motor Show, we were presented with the Aston Martin Valkyrie- the lovechild of Aston Martin and Redbull Racing. Formula 1 design legend Adrian Newey has played a massive role in the car's design, and the result is an uncompromising, aerodynamic masterpiece. Then, just over a week ago, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes-AMG released their take on an Formula 1 car for the road: The Project One. After dominating Formula 1 for 3 years ( in which they claimed a hat-trick of Constructors' and Driver's Championships ), Mercedes decided to put their superior hybrid powertain into a road car. The result? Well, just like the Valkyrie, a car rumoured to be faster than anything else on the market. So let's take a comparative look at these two marvels of engineering.

The Engines:

Valkyrie: A 6.5L naturally aspirated Cosworth V12, along with an electric motor/KERS system. How good does that sound?

Project One: A 1.6L , electrically assisted single-turbo V6, and four electric motors. Oh yeah, that V6 has basically come straight out the back of Lewis Hamilton's F1 Car.


Valkyrie: A full carbon fibre MonoCell chassis produced by Canadian motorsports supplier, Multimatic.

Project One: High strength, F1-derived, Mercedes AMG carbon fibre monocoque.


Valkyrie: Rear-wheel drive? Given the low weight we think so, but no official word from Aston Martin. 7-speed, paddle-shift, dual clutch box from Ricardo.

Project One: All-wheel drive. Single clutch 8-speed, paddle-shift gearbox to the rear wheels, two electric motors at the front (one on each wheel).


Valkyrie: 1030 kg/ 2271 lb

Project One: No official weight has been announced, but sources suggest between 1200 kg/ 2665 lb and 1300 kg/ 2866lb


Valkyrie: 1,130 hp/ 843 kW (approximately 1000 hp/ 745 kW from the combustion engine, and about 100hp/ 75 kW from the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS).

Project One: 748 hp/ 558kW combustion engine and two 160 hp/ 120 kW electric motors on the front wheels. Combined achieved output is expected to be 1020 hp/ 760 kW.


Valkyrie: A maximum of 1814kg/ 4000 lb of downforce.

Project One: Err, we don’t know. It's going to be a lot. As much as the Valkyrie? It certainly would be hard to beat…


Valkyrie: 0-60 mph / 97kph: 2.5s (Est.)

0-200mph/322 kph: sub 10s.

Max: 250 mph/ 402 kph. (Speculated)

Project One: 0-60mph/97kmh: 2.5 (Est.)

0-124mph/ 200kph: <6s

Max: ''beyond 217mph (350kph)''


Valkyrie:+/- £2.5 million

Project One: +/-£2.7 million

Missing information, like the Merc's weight and downforce capabilities, or the Valkyrie's drivetrain details make it difficult to work out which one will be superior. If we had to make the call based on the current information at hand, it looks like the Brits might have just have enough to keep the Germans covered. The Valkyrie's rumoured top speed figure of 250mph, sprint time of 10 seconds to 200mph, weight of 2271 lb and ability to produce 4000 lb of downforce would seem to put it out of reach of the Project One. One thing is for sure: it's going to be a brutal fight when these two get together…

By: Alex Jamieson

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