Van drivers spin a Prius (on purpose)

2w ago


This video was taken near Beckton in London and the context isn't really clear. The Prius up ahead appears to be minding its own business when the van drivers with the camera approach from behind. It's not clear whether they turned in to the Prius on purpose or whether the Prius changed lanes. Their reaction would suggest the former. If this isn't a reason to get dashcams fitted front and back, I don't know what is.

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Comments (22)
  • The prius changed lanes because it didn't want to go down that slip road.Cctv could identify the van, jail the driver and ban him for life. Dick.

    17 days ago
    11 Bumps
    • The Prius did not change lanes it was done deliberately , just listen to the van guys laugh .

      16 days ago
      5 Bumps
    • The Prius moved over to stay on the motorway. The van stayed on the slip road until it deliberately spun the Prius. The short white lines and writing on the road indicate that if you...

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      16 days ago
      3 Bumps
  • That’s honestly terrible

    17 days ago
    8 Bumps