Vauxhall partners with recently-revived Formula Woman

The partnership mainly focuses on track assessments of applicants.

Vauxhall will provide several Corsa-e cars to the Formula Woman championship so that people who apply to drive in the racing series will be able to experience driving in a standard car before moving up to more hardcore vehicles.

Formula Woman originally began in 2004 in order to boost female representation in motorsport, similar to today's W Series. After the 2007 season, the Formula Woman disappeared into obscurity, until last year when it was announced the series would be revived.

James Taylor, Sales & Marketing Director, stated that, "The Corsa-e has been critically acclaimed for its environmental performance, low running costs and ease of use experience and weโ€™re confident that the Formula Woman applicants will also find it surprisingly adept on circuit too."

The founder of Formula Woman, Graeme Glew, was just as enthusiastic, stating that, " The hundreds of competitors who have entered the Formula Woman Competition will now have the chance to have professional instruction and introduction to track activities in a Corsa-e which is sure to create a pleasant surprise in terms of handling and performance."

While this is great news, I am not sure about the success of Formula Woman as a racing series, since it will definitely face competition from W Series, and also it's highly likely that viewership of the series will be catastrophically low due to lack of attention in comparison to Formula 1 or even Formula 2.

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  • why does it need a "formula woman"? Paris Dakar has Jutta Kleinschmidt driving like nuts (a compliment!!) - without segregation. just enable more girls to follow their dream!

      1 month ago
  • I think noone would fund thaat

      1 month ago
  • Have you thought thaat there might be an lgbt f1 in future

      1 month ago