Vauxhall's new electric car

2y ago


Vauxhall have just announced a new electric car set for release in 2020, its called the DCYouSee and its thought to have the most efficient electric motors ever put in a car.

The motors supplied by German car manufacturer WV ( Worryingly Vague ) are claimed to be the most power efficient of any motor on the market today. The DDC492212RRDS motors feature Triple wired splange sockets extra winkles on the wobbler spiggot providing more back EMF to supply the rotary cultivation of trannges. This all add's up to some pretty amazing sounding features.

The DCYouSee battery being delivered for the test car

Vauxhall spokesman 'Harrold Vandergraph peterson henderson (30)' told us the new car will be able to last 1500 miles between charges, something we can't wait to review when it comes out in 2019.

Overall features of the car have been kept under wraps but its thought the its going to have a new sat nav system that will take the car the most efficient way to your destination and will show points where you can charge the car up.

Charging the DCYouSee at the moment is by a really long wire you throw over power lines along country roads. Something Vauxhall say you'll need special gloves to do.

Its so good to see development in this area and that vauxhall are on the forefront of the technology.