VDZ awards celebrate Freedom of the Press and the sacrifices journalists make

Angela Merkel and Queen of Jordan pay moving tributes at VDZ awards

A delegation of UK Publishers, including DriveTribe’s Marketing Director, Jim Murray Jones, attended the annual Goldene Victoria’s award for Germany’s Press Association the VDZ, (Verband der Deutschen Zeitschriftenverleger) in Berlin last night.

The glittering awards, which recognise investigative journalism and media entrepreneurship, were joined by German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as the Queen of Jordan. Both were there to recognise freedom of the press and in particular the role it plays in breaking news under dangerous situations and areas of conflict. The Queen of Jordon gave a keynote speech to thank Germany for their particular support in the Syrian crisis – one in seven Jordanian’s are now Syrian refugees.

VDZ and Angela Merkel, who also gave a keynote, awarded posthumous Victoria awards to Daphne Caruana Galizia of Malta and Jan Kuciack of Slovakia, two journalists who gave their lives while reporting corruption in their respective countries. It proved a moving evening, and a humbling reminder of the role journalist’s play in revealing truth under life-threatening situations.

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