Sri Lanka's first ever supercar

1y ago

The Vega EVX is Sri Lanka's first ever all electric supercar. But if I'm honest this is the ever first car to be made in Sri Lanka well apart from assembling the Micro panda (yeah Micro panda not even the fiat panda). The Vega EVX is a giant leap forward considering this. The development of the car began way back in 2013 and it took them 7 years to bring us this finished product, and i can assure you it was worth the wait.


This car produces 804hp and will do 0-100 kmh in just 3.1s . it has an all wheel drivetrain which means this car would have pretty good handling. It also has a range of 300km per charge. So all in all its a Tesla roadster with less power , less acceleration , a lower range and a lower price.


This for me is one of the best parts of this car. Honestly I think that the interior in this looks quite exquisite .While in development the original idea was to use off the shelf materials repurposed from existing cars. But lucky for us they decided to do it themselves , and it looks as if they done a pretty good job with it .Vega innovations had also decided to use varies materials that can only be found in Sri Lanka to give it a nice authentic feel . The seats especially looks really comfortable compared to the seats of the roadster. It also has bits carbon fiber embedded to the dash which gives it nice supercar feel to it , and lets be honest whats a supercar without bits of carbon fiber. The interior of the roadster has a bit of a sci-fi feel to it , But i think i would prefer this look.


It looks like a Vega looked at all the supercars in the market right now and smashed it all together to make this gorgeous looking car. I mean from one angle it looks like a Ferrari and from another a Lamborghini and sometimes it even looks like the roadster. It has scissor doors which is a win and overall i think it looks better than most supercars in the market right now even better looking than its main rival the roadster in my opinion.


Now the price. According to the news I've heard this car is going to cost you $ 250,000. The same price as the roadster, and that's a bit too much in my opinion. On the plus side this car will go in to mass production sometime in 2021 and it will cost you something under $200,000. But I still think this is a too much for a car made from company you have never heard of and considering that there are many supercars in the market for the same price, and sometimes even lower. Also maintenance of the car will also be a problem since branches of the company are not located worldwide.

This then is like your local store brand product it pretty much tastes the same as the original but you just prefer the original brand. Its a pity considering that this car might even be a serious competitor to the roadster but would you even consider buying it?

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