#vegontour: part one

Bus spotter goes to truckfest

My holiday started in Norfolk; vegging in a slightly different way to usual. When I was younger I used to love trucks; and I occasionally like to revisit my past by attending a TruckFest or two! This year it was being held at the Norfolk Showground in Costessey so I took full advantage of that and stopped there on my way down south for a few hours. Whilst I was there I took some selfies with trucker celebrities; Lisa Kelly and Todd Dewey from Ice Road Truckers, who were accompanied by Ronnie and Amy Shirley from Lizard Lick Towing. I also had a selfie with Jesse McLure from Storage Hunters…which is completely unrelated to trucks so I’m still wondering why he was even there but I’m not complaining! Anyway you lot most probably aren’t into lorries so the reason I have mentioned Truck Fest on here is because there was in fact, a bus. Yup that’s right, even at festivals dedicated to lorries you can still find buses! Quite an interesting one it was too; having researched on flickr, it's a very new conversion. 935GTA started life in 1961 with Grey Cars, but was photographed in October 2014 in a scrapped state, and was apparently listed for sale as recently as January this year. Photos of it in it's current form as a bar only exist from last month.

The rest of the day was spent driving to my overnight stop in Southampton, via Letchworth but as it was dark by that point there are no further buses to report! I will however leave the photograph I took with Ronnie and Amy Shirley here (as the header image); just because I can.

Check back soon for Part 2!

935GTA after being converted into a bar, photographed at TruckFest 2016 by myself

935GTA after being converted into a bar, photographed at TruckFest 2016 by myself

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