Vermillion Velocity

Meet My Well Travelled MINI

So… In many of the photos taken during my motoring adventures, you will notice a little bright red car with Union Jack mirror covers. That is Vermillion Velocity, my trusty steed. It is a 2009 MINI Cooper S that I picked up used for a very reasonable price in Flagstaff, AZ. There was nothing wrong with it and it still had quite low mileage. It was an incredible deal actually, considering it has the top luxury package for that model… But then it was a rather impractical car for Flagstaff, AZ where snowfall is frequent and intense due to the high altitude. At the time I was buying it, I was preparing to leave for my first major road trip across the US (from Arizona to the coast of North Carolina). The mechanics at the shop where I had it checked out weren’t exactly fans of European cars and told me that I was crazy for wanting to drive that thing on such a big adventure. They said that I’d get to meet every Bimmer shop along the way to North Carolina. I thanked them for their opinion, walked out of the shop, traded in my old, well used 2003 Toyota Prius and bought the MINI the following day. I have since proceeded to put over 40,000 miles on it driving all around the country in just the last two years with no problem. And I expect many more adventures to come.

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