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Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen doesn't think his relation with Jos will deteriorate like his F1 rival Lewis Hamilton's did with Anthony at one stage.

Hamilton started his career in F1 when being looked after by his dad, Anthony, as they made the journey together in the sport since Lewis' karting days. However, the relation started to deteriorate and the differences led them go in separate ways professionally.

The split happened in 2010 as the British driver started managing his own self, which also included cracking a deal with Mercedes - which eventually turned out to be a masterstroke as he won four more titles with a fifth one almost in his hands.

After a brief period of distance between the two, the relation between Lewis and Anthony is back to being healthy now, with the two spending time whenever possible and the latter also visiting him in few F1 races.

Hamilton Sr is no longer managing his son but the relation is certainly better than ever. On similar lines, the journey of Max is very much influenced by his dad Jos, with the difference being that Verstappen Sr himself has raced actively in F1.

The Dutchmen are a strong force together but Jos doesn't indulges himself much as they do have a manager as well in place to form a team for anything that Max requires. In the F1 Beyond The Grid podcast, Verstappen Sr talked about his relationship with Max.

When asked by the anchor,  Jos mentioned on the podcast that he feels, it won't go the way it did for the Hamiltons. When then asked by me/IndiaInF1.com/FormulaRapida.net, Verstappen Jr very much agreed to his dad's stance.

"We have a very strong bond, we trust each other and of course I believe in my dad," he said. "I think it is just that from a very young age onward, we have experienced so many things together that I don't it will happen [the way it went for Hamiltons]."

It looks like that very much, as Jos doesn't steps too much in Max's way and for now, the relation with Red Bull as well is better than ever, with the Dutchman being a de-facto leader of the team after Daniel Ricciardo leaving the team.

Staying with his dad, there were also talks about the two racing together one day, whether in a competitive series or for fun but Jos said it is unlikely to happen as he doesn't feel like racing anymore. Max, however, is leaving it to fate.

"I want to do it maybe after my F1 career or whatever comes up. I think it would be something cool to do so. At the moment I can say yes, but maybe in ten years time I'll be like 'No I don't want it anymore', so I guess time will tell,'" he summed up.


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