Vesaro McLaren Simulator

51w ago


I have to say, it felt like sim racing heaven when I entered the showroom and tried out several of the Vesaro simulators. I did a quick look about three different simulators.

The first one is the Vesaro McLaren Simulators series. Which was pretty exclusive, since I was the first person to have the opportunity to try this one out.

The McLaren Simulators series are designed under an exclusive license in collaboration with the design team at the McLaren Technology Centre.

Besides the fact this simulator looks pretty sexy, I was also impressed by the pretty cool features that come with it. I was amazed by the fact it is build up with authentic components you can find in the McLaren vehicles. One of these components is the steering wheel, which is a genuine McLaren production wheel, used in models such as the 650S and is powered by a direct drive force feedback steering system.

The same story with the seat, which is the exact same you can find in a McLaren car. On top of that it has a pretty neat exclusive feature, namely the seat is fully electric adjustable, which is the first simulator that includes this option.

Besides all of this, the D-BOX motion, the audio system and the triple screen were all contributing for this racing experience to be as immersive as it can be.

So in a nutshell, this is one impressive simulator, and I am gratefull to be given the opportunity to try it out!

Good times at Vesaro HQ!



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