- F1 Vettel win's Singapore GP

Vettel is back

After the smoke of the Singapore Grand Prix.

After the smoke of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Driverโ€™s points after the Singapore Grand Prix, sees Lewis Hamilton with a commanding lead.

Vettel came back to win the Singapore Grand Prix in style

Vettel came back to win the Singapore Grand Prix in style over his young gun rival Leclerc who came in the second position. Vettel had started the race from the third position to win the race, what turned out to be a dramatic weekend for the Ferrari team that saw Leclerc win first position in qualifiers, but saw Vettel win the race, while Leclerc took second place as the chequered flag dropped.

So after the mid-break Ferrari has come back firing on all cylinders while Mercedes can only but try to catch up, but concerningly on gaining the first place in qualifiers Leclerc was heard saying over the team radio, that he nearly lost it three times, (losing it once could be fatal) so that he could get into the first position on the starting line. It is worrying that a young man is so driven (or could be pushed) so much while only in his second F1 season, other winners have taken their time to mature. With a faster car Ferrari seemingly have the advantage and even with pushing Leclerc second place as the flag dropped.

When I first saw Leclerc racing, I liked his style, he had spunk but recently I have seen an approach from Ferrari when they win, that some would call a passion, others would call fanatical, but when you look at the team Mercedes you see joy, exuberation, yes, but a calmness, its not all about winning, winners need to learn, they need time to mature into a being a real champion.

Meanwhile the driver on top of the leaders board Hamilton took the fourth position gaining 12 points with Bottas in fifth gaining 10 points, so Mercedes driving force still gathered points leaving them in first and second position on the drivers leaders board, and itโ€™s so good to see Vettel showing he is back in the game but both Ferrariโ€™s drivers have a long way ahead to catch up to the top and yes Hamilton may have the slower car but he remains in the race and finished gaining 12 points, and getting points is what its all about, for at the end its who has the most points wins the championship.

With a reducing number of races remaining and with 90 clear points Hamilton still leads like he has for most of the season, so bring on the Russian Grand Prix.

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