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Vettel not concerned about Formula 1 cars aesthetics in 2018 with Halo's debut

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This weekend's 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix effectively marks the end of the open-ended Formula 1 cars, with Halo making its debut next season.

The cars will not be covered wholly as with the sportscars, but a significant change will be visible - thereby changing the complexion, not only in terms of the looks, but also aerodynamically.

However, the drivers, even though they don't really like the look of it, but they are not concerned about the change, which brings about safety in play.

"I wasn’t aware (that is the last race without Halo)…I mean I am aware but I wasn’t thinking about that. Yeah, probably they are right. I think the cars will look different next year," he said.

"Everything I’ve seen so far looks different but on the other hand I think it’s something that we all get used to – but yeah, it’s no doubt that the cars look better the way they are now.

"But I’m sure that, as I say, we’ll get used to it and we’ll work on the aesthetics so it will look fine as well. So, in the end it’s probably less of a big deal."

Force India's Sergio Perez concurred with Vettel's thinking, stating that the Halo's topic will move away after the three-four races in the season, especially with the looks.

"It is a safety thing, but I think after three-four races we will get used to it, like in F1, everything is changing very quickly," he said. "I think it is a very good decision, very brave decision from the FIA.

"We are pushing on safety and also shows that this generation of drivers are pushing for safety and not only for Formula 1, but in other categories, when you at the Halo.

"In the last 10 years, with the Halo, we would have saved a couple of lives in the sport, so well done to everyone and I think it is something that the sport should be proud of, although I don’t like the look but that is something I can give up for safety. "

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton has been vocal about the looks as well, but with the safety card in play, the British driver also admitted that the sport will continue the same way it has been.

"It’s the last of the era of cars looking good, I think. It’s the last race where the cars will look good," he said.

"I think from next year it’s all downhill in terms of how it looks – but safety will go up, at least. Maybe start a new flip-flop brand next year and be successful in some way."

Red Bull Racing's Daniel Ricciardo joked: "We’ll make sure our helmets are polished this weekend, so they look good because they’ll be a bit harder to see next year.

"It’s fine. I don’t think it’s going to be as dramatic as most people make it out to be so, yeah, should be fine."

While the FIA Formula 2 Championship has released the images of its new cars for 2018, but on the F1 side, it is yet to firm the details of the Halo which will be put into use next season.

However, teams are already struggling to balance the performance side of the cars, with aerodynamics being hurt because of the new device.

Perez said: "The Halo is definitely hurting the aerodynamics on our side, but [I believe] it is the same for everyone."

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