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Sebastian Vettel's 2017 season has encompassed some big highs and some big lows in his attempt to become Ferrari's first world champion in a decade.

With the title slipping away, but neither Ferrari nor their star driver giving up the fight yet, Vettel sat down for a wide-ranging and reflective discussion with Ted Kravitz for a fascinating interview which features as part of Sky F1's build-up to the potentially championship-deciding United States GP from 6.30pm on Sunday.

Lewis Hamilton can join Vettel as a four-time world champion if he wins in Austin and his Ferrari rival finishes sixth or lower.

Ahead of a potentially season-deciding race, here's a flavour of what you can expect when Ted met Seb...

On bumping into Hamilton in Baku… and whether he let Ferrari down

"Ultimately I'm driving the car. Whatever I decided to do impacted on the result and that's why I felt part of me let the team down.

"As I think I pointed out many times, I never had the intention to hurt anyone or put anyone in danger but, if you look at it, that was the decision that was taken [by the stewards]. It was potentially dangerous."

On whether Red Bull were better than Ferrari at keeping him in line

"I disagree. I think the freedom I had there is the freedom that I have here. We have a very strong lead here. Maurizio [Arrivabene] has the team in his hand, is a strong leader and is doing a very good job.

"And, trust me, we had some serious conversations where I also got the point and had to apologise for some of the stuff that I do."

On whether Lewis Hamilton has weaknesses

"He's extremely quick. He's one of the best drivers we have on the grid for many, many reasons. So there are lots of positives.

"But there are also some weaknesses which I believe we did use to our advantage this year and hopefully we continue doing so."

On whether this Ferrari team can be championship winners

"Absolutely. Overall, we are on the right track. It's up to us to keep it going. The tension is there. I can't speak for everyone, I can tell the guys and lead by example so to speak, but we obviously are due some results and we need to bring them home to get the grip back and increase everyone's attention and focus to where we want to go."

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