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Vettel recalls a funny hungover story from 2013 F1 Indian GP

The German remembered a fun story from his travel to India.

Four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel recently shared a memory from his visit to India for the Indian GP at Buddh International Circuit. It was the grand prix that he won all the three times, while he also clinched his fourth and final (so far) world championship.

In a fan session organised by Ferrari, Vettel was asked by a bunch of Indian fans to talk about the country and also the track as well as the grand prix. The German was all-smile as he praised the circuit and recalled his three victories and dominant performances.

While talking about that, Vettel shared an anecdote about being hungover and traveling to the airport in the morning. In his car, he spotted an elephant on the streets - the Delhi-Noida highway - which confused him pretty much as he thought it was a dream.

He quickly asked his drive if it was really an elephant on the road or he is seeing things being drunk. The driver affirmed that it was the animal really on the road which not only brought a smile but left a long-lasting memory that he remembers even after seven years.

Here's the video from F1: https://twitter.com/F1/status/1310900256700272641

[Image courtesy: Red Bull Content Pool]

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