Vettel says Bottas' start was 'unhuman' - but what do you think?

2y ago


Sebastian Vettel says he does not accept the Austrian Grand Prix stewards decision and insists Valtteri Bottas DID jump the start.

"From my point of view, he jumped the start - I was sure that he did," said Vettel after the race.

"It looked like it from inside the car, but it's not for me to judge at the end of the day.

"When I say I don't believe, I don't believe," the German added.

"Normally, the reactions are 0.2s for everyone, so I don't believe everyone was slower today. So that is why I don't believe Valtteri was so much quicker.

"I was a strong believer that he jumped the start, but it turns out he didn't - that is why I don't believe it. His start was unhuman."

These race highlights show the start:

It's impossible really to judge from that angle and speed, but Sky Italia slowed the footage right down, and it appears that Bottas' wheels do begin to move before the lights have gone out:

But the stewards are privy to highly sophisticated telemetry which apparently showed Bottas' Mercedes moved 0.201s after the lights went out.

Anything quicker than 0.1s is deemed to be quicker than human reflex, but according to the stewards, Bottas was clear of that and therefore did not jump the start.

It has been suggested that despite the fact there is some movement from his wheels just before the lights went out, it is not enough to trigger the sensor.

Bottas himself said he simply made the start "of his life" - and said there was an element of gambling on when the lights would go out.

"I think that was the start of my life, I was really on it today," he said.

"When the car was moving, the lights were off - that is the main thing.

"[With] the start lights, there are different variations since the lights are on and go off, but the variation for a long time has not been massive," he added.

"So you know more or less the zone when it is going off, so gambling with your reaction and guessing sometimes you get a mega one, sometimes you are a bit late."

Did he get it exactly right? Or is Vettel's assertion correct? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.