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Vettel Talks About The 2021 F1 Finale

Max Vs Lewis

3w ago

The 2021 F1 season is done and dusted, yet everyone still remembers and talks about the surprising finale. Max Verstappen & Lewis Hamilton battled it out on track all season only to find themselves in a one-lap drag race to win the title. Max Verstappen came out on top while Lewis had to settle for the runner-up position.

Among the millions who were watching the last-lap battle, there was Sebastian Vettel who had one of the bests seats. In a recent interview with Bild, the German talked about the 2021 finale, Valtteri Bottas, and his thoughts on 2022.

What are your thoughts about the 2021 finale?

Seb answered, "The matter made a very strange impression. The field behind the safety car should have been sorted out much earlier. I made the suggestion on the radio after the first lap behind the safety car"

What about Hamilton & Verstappen?

Vettel responded, "I only saw the Dutch fans jump on the last lap. Then I knew Max was in front. Lewis didn't stand a chance with his tires. Well, both would have deserved the title. It's a shame for Hamilton because he had a very strong second half of the season. Now I just congratulate both drivers.

What about your chances in 2022?

Vettel said, " Of course, you can't give any figures or forecasts yet. I can't say now that we will be the fastest team and become world champions. But when you talk to all the teams, most of them hope and believe that they will be at the forefront. That doesn't work out. We too have to keep our feet on the ground and remain realistic. We don't want to finish seventh in the championship as well but some team will end up there."

What do you think about Bottas at Alfa Romeo?

Sebastian answered, "Somehow I think it's a shame that he had to leave Mercedes. But maybe the new regulations for the Swiss team in 2022 will suit him so that things will finally be more balanced in the field and he will have more chances. I claim Valtteri is one of the most straightforward and honest drivers. And above all, Bottas is also one of the fastest drivers in the field!"

What do you think about Aston Martin's chances this season? Are we going to see Vettel a champion again? Comment below so we can discuss.

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