- H​eadlining the No Garage Queens Tour...

Veyron Supersport headlines the #NoGarageQueens Breakfast Club!

W​e took our #NoGarageQueens on Tour to the inagrual Stonor Park Breakfast Club, set deep in Henley-on-Thames' beautiful countryside.

2y ago

0​700. The sun is already streaming in through the blinds and the coffee is on. Birds are singing their lungs off and the smell of freshly cut grass lingers in the air. Summer is here at long last. Well, the 24th March is here to be precise.

F​eeling unnaturally Summer-like, it's over to the garage to choose today's weapon. With a Jaguar Project 7 available, and the well-used McLaren 570S as options, it's going to take a killer decision to pick the right tool for the job. This morning's choice however, our new (not really new, but 10k glorious mile-old) Aston Martin DB11, complete with that sonorous in-house Twin-Turbocharged V12. This will be it's first run out, and as it's just been communicated that I've got to take three people from Northants to Henley-on-Thames, and therefore the only real option!

F​inished in deep blue with contrasting ivory interior, this car is about as classic as Aston Martin gets. Originally deep blue, (not green) the Aston GT cars have developed significantly over the years resulting in the DB11 being their finest continent-crushing example to date. The DBS isn't as comfortable by the way - so please don't correct me there. The plush interior is furnished with walnut inlays and the all-important 'Sport+' button to play with. You see, the first thing I do in any car is find the Sport button/exhaust button. Then it's "does this car have a heated steering wheel?", before finally - "Ah yes, the cooled seats."

S​till, pretending to be a pilot and pressing buttons over, it's all about firing up the V12 in a confined space first thing in the morning. What a sound to behold! There's plenty of that charismatic Aston burble, just with the added benefit of two whopping turbochargers bolted on - as we took the B-roads out of Northants and over to our first meeting point, Henley-on-Thames.

Joining us on Tour is a member of the #NoGarageQueens, and resident drifting champion, Matt Walton. It's 0800 by this point, and we're close to Henley. Pulling off the M40, I see a flash of red and white, and before I know it Matt's 'V BOMB' plated Ford GT pulls up into sight. Considering he told us he was bringing his Ferrari 550, or perhaps his e-type, or was that his Aston V12 Vantage S, or maybe his XJ220? - he couldn't remember - it's quite a sight! Everyone likes a surprise right?

L​ooking every inch the Hypercar, it just don't look like it belongs on the road! Still, it made a nice contrast to the GT credentials in the DB11 as we shot a few pics in the nearby villages. Now in convoy we ambled through Henley's gorgeous setting and down to the river where our members lay in wait.

New Vantage - Skyfall Silver, DB11 wheels, very DB10-esque. SL63 AMG with seven weeks of dirt layered on top. A promised Ferrari 550 (buffalo hide seats), Mark Bolan's Daytona and a Veyron Grand Sport for Christ's sake! Quite a way to make an entrance on a Sunday morning as we headed up Stonor Park's driveway and onto the photo shoot outside Mi6's safe house. (Google it - 'The Living Daylights')

I​ will just say that Stonor Park provided the single best Bacon Sandwich that I've ever eaten. Chiabatta bread, a healthy amount of bacon to bread ratio and locally sourced tomato sauce. That helps to keep the #NoGarageQueens smiling under what was a beautiful morning and a brilliant little pre-cursor event to the main gig in May.

W​e'd like to thank Stonor Park for the wonderful hospitality, and look forward to supporting the event later this year! If you'd like to join the #NoGarageQueens Road Rally's, occurring most weekends please drop an email to tom@thegentlemanracer.co.uk and we can facilitate your membership pack!


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Comments (6)

  • I remember the MI6 safe house! The baddie posed as the milkman to infiltrate it, as I recall

      2 years ago
  • Motoring down in a black 550 to have a bacon and egg roll. What a way to open a day.

      2 years ago
  • Rocking the V12 and a bacon sandwich? Good luck making your day any better than that.

      2 years ago