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VIDEO: 200mph on a British motorway in a 900 horsepower Supra

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What’s the fastest speed you’ve ever driven on the public highways? Don’t worry, you can be honest; the police don’t read my articles (I hope). Well, unless you’re a German who drives to work everyday at 220mph in something tuned by Brabus, I doubt very much you’ll have been as fast as this Japanese fella.

His name is Smokey Nagata, or as I’m sure the British Police call him, Smokey The Bandit. In the winter of 1999, this delightful gentleman decided it would be a good idea to come to the UK in search of breaking a world record that would see him break the law too. For his goal was to achieve a speed of 200mph on a British motorway!

His chosen stretch of tarmac was the A1 M in the Midlands. His weapon of choice was a golden Supra sending 900bhp to its rear wheels thanks to 29psi of boost. Despite attempts to dissuade him, he planted his foot to the floor and shot up the deserted road at 4am with the aim of travelling nearly 3 times the legal speed limit. With a traditional layer of damp smeared across the tarmac, the best he could manage was 197mph - a record that stands to this day as the fastest speed ever achieved on the British highways.

Thanks to how the motorway network is subject to such heavy surveillance in the UK, Big Brother soon noticed the streak of gold lightening blazing by the cameras and sent PC Plod in hot pursuit.

The sound of sirens coerced Smokey into pulling over, while inevitably chanting whatever’s Japanese for “oh fuck” in the cabin. Upon speaking to the Police, Smokey conveniently stated that he couldn’t speak English. Shame really, because if he could’ve, his conversation with the Police would’ve been significantly more entertaining.

-“Do you know why we pulled you over?”.

-“Because I let you!”.

Something like that!

Smokey’s punishment consisted of spending a night in the cells, and having to pay a £190 fine. The police also slapped his other wrist by forcing him to leave the country after being released, and banning him from driving in the UK - that he’d been expelled from so therefore couldn’t drive in anyway - for 28 days. That’ll teach him (!)

The Supra in the video has since seen more modifications, and now houses a 943bhp Twin-Turbo 5L V12! Having proven its worth by hitting 222mph at Nardo, it was auctioned in Japan for $80,700 - well below the $500,000 estimate. Really and truly, that isn’t all that much money for a near-thousand horsepower V12 manual car that can hit over 220mph. And thanks to the auction, the Supra has now gone from one lunatic to another.

But what do you think of Smokey’s run? Do you think he’s a driving hero, or do you think he’s a total nutcase who ought to never be allowed to drive again? Let me know in the comments.

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Comments (33)
  • I got a £270 speeding fine about 15 years ago. I am still smarting from it.

    All he got was £190.

    Good job he did not try his run on the A11 like I did, they may have added 5 turnips and a swede to it.

    I am still impressed with the guy that did the End to End in 10 hours or whatever.


    Regarding the safety, I was pulled up for not breaking any laws at about 11pm in Marlow, was told that I was speeding and that I may have injured a child as I was passing a school, 11pm on the 23rd December.

    I pointed out that I did not set the speed camera off that was less than 100 yards down the road.

    Thames Valley Tosser Division.

    27 days ago
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  • A good effort, but no cigar - I can assure you, dear readers, that faster speeds (200+) have been achieved :)

    28 days ago
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