Video: Apparently it’s okay to drive military tanks in neighborhoods in Florida

Quite the parade through the neighborhood

7w ago

Residents in one South Florida neighborhood were treated to quite a sight over the weekend. It seems a local resident of the Palmetto Bay subdivision, south of Miami, decided to take his military tank for little spin up and down the main road.

According to a local news station the “parade” was a little startling. As it turns out tanks can be brought on the internet, and that seems to be what the resident has done. The tank is British.

“For the most part it’s unusual to say the very least and with the present state of politics, it’s concerning,” resident James Woodard told CBS4.

A reporter tried to contact the driver who lives on a gated property but got no comment. It seems that as long as the guns aren’t functional, and by all accounts they aren’t, a military tank is legal to own.

A code enforcement officer along with two vehicles from the local sheriff’s department were seen entering and leaving the property. Meanwhile the local government of Palmetto Bay is investigating to see if tanks are indeed allowed and is getting the county involved as it seems the tank’s driver ran over and damaged a curb.


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Comments (23)

  • Not just the USA, I was once driving up the M6 towards Scotland and saw some blue lights behind me. As the police car went past, a Scorpion tank was a few seconds behind it doing over 70mph.

      1 month ago
    • Incredible

        1 month ago
    • A friends dad used to have a Bedford rascal van (tiny little thing, not very powerful), he was on a dual carriageway near Salisbury UK and was so impressed at getting to van up to 65mph, only to be overtaken by a column of three scorpion tanks...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • Yeah. Tanks can be driven on the roads. All you need is a Class A license and rubber tracks and you can be in your way.

      1 month ago
  • I’d love to see the reaction of the officer called to talk to him.

    Dispatch: Unit 1A-44 we’ve got a man driving a tank down the street, roll me some units.

    1A-44: Copy. (Thinks to self) Why me? It’s always me!

      1 month ago
  • I love Florida

      1 month ago
  • Remember when Doug Demuro reviewed one of these and drove it into a Drive-Thru.

      1 month ago