Video: Aston Martin Valkyrie 11,100 RPM naturaly aspirated V12 with a 1000hp

A true Magnum Opus to Aston's V12 series

2y ago

After teasing us with sound clips of what sounded like the heart of a dragon a few months ago, today Aston Martin finally revealed the engine that will power their hottest car yet. The Valkyrie hypercar will be powered by a Cosworth made 6.5 litre naturally aspirated V12 developing a whooping 1000hp at 10,500 rpm, and will happily rev to an ear-splitting 11,100rpm.

Peak torque of 740 Nm comes in at 7,000 rpm, a little low but not to worry as the whole unit will be 'boosted' by a battery hybrid system which will surely add to that number. Previous rumours suggest combined power output of 1,130 hp.

If the AMG One supercar is set on bringing the F1 Turbo era engine into a road car, then Aston is set on making what we would all love to be an F1 engine and putting it to a road car, I mean just listen to it! It's the stuff that would make Schumachers' V10 Ferrari blush.

F1 similarities don't just end on sound either, Aston has revealed that not unlike an F1 engine this unit is designed to 'extremely tight tolerances', and even features F1-spec pistons. Aston says the engine was designed for “minimum mass and maximum strength, seem like Aston got just that, the engine weighs in at just 206kg..

Aston Martin is keen to point out that the Cosworth 3.0 litre V10 engine used in the last era of F1 weight in at 97 kg, and if it were to be scaled up to the 6.5 litres it would come in at 210kgs, making it a tad heavier. The billed machined crankshaft is an impressive feat of engineering, produced from a solid steel bar 170mm in diameter and 775mm long, 80% of it is machined away in a process that takes six months. The end result is a crankshaft 50% lighter than Cosoworths previous ultimate V12 from Aston Martin One-77.

Andy Palmer sums it up really well saying; 'To anyone with a drop of petrol in their blood, a high-revving naturally aspirated V12 is the absolute pinnacle. Nothing sounds better or encapsulates the emotion and excitement of the internal combustion engine more completely. Despite the apparently insurmountable challenges it presented, there was never any question that the Aston Martin Valkyrie would make do with anything less.'

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