Video: Evolution of the Skyline (+ GT-R)

Think the Skyline started with Hakosuka? Think again!

Possibly the most iconic car model of the modern generation. A rapid rise in popularity thanks to the Fast and Furious franchise and internet forums, the Skyline has lived in some iconic bodies.

However, the origins of the model may be much older than you realised. It all started in 1957 with the Prince Skyline. A far cry from the Godzilla and the latest GT-R. With a top speed of 78mph, I doubt you'd have seen these screaming down a Touge sideways.

The following video shows you, in beautiful animation no less, the long history of the Skyline and later on, the GT-R.

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Comments (5)

  • So. Here’s something fun, I used to work for Donut Media... and I made that video :)

      2 years ago
  • These videos are great. Keep it up. How about cars that are based on a Beetle floor plan? Does this include the Porsche 901 microbus, beach buggy etc...

      2 years ago
  • Where is the Z-Tune in the poll :0

      2 years ago