Video: How does VTEC kick in yo?

For some reason, VTEC has managed to become the running joke of the '00s for petrolheads. With the huge success of the Fast and Furious franchise highlighting the awesomeness of Japanese cars, the popularity of cars, such as the Civic Type R and Integra skyrocketed.

These small-displacement engines were managing to get good fuel economy, but with the high performance a larger engine. HOW DID THEY DO IT? It was bloody VTEC, wasn't it. Thus spouted an infinite amount of internet memery and mockery.

We've all heard of VTEC, but how many of you are confident that you can explain exactly how they work? I had an idea, but I wanted to get it set in my mind so I could nod along confidently the next time my petrolhead mates talked about it.

The guys at Donut Media, as always, nailed the information and made it actually fun to learn about it. So, for all those who didn't know how the VTEC kicked in, know is your time:

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  • Just wanna know how moving the cams side to side will effect the motor on the new BMW 1250 gs ??? Will it work for a long period. Of time ??? Or peter our long before its time ??? This cam movement is said to add up to 25 ponies !

    1 month ago
  • You watchin' s donut?

    1 month ago


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