Video: How the American police car has changed

They've been through a fair few changes over the years

The police car is a good indicator into a country's culture and mentality. You have Dubai with their police supercars, you have Italy with some small hatchbacks to tackle the narrow streets and then you have America with their big engined muscle cars.

The guise of the American police car has changed dramatically over the years. They've had to tackle different problems from prohibition runners to the modern day criminals.

I'll ride shotgun

I'll ride shotgun

Donut Media have made this awesome video detailing the changes and brand competitions to the American police car:

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Comments (3)

  • They should just stick to dodge ford's kind of g@y

      2 years ago
  • We had a newer camaro sitting on a zr-1 drivetrain. Woowee was that thing fast. Then the idiot it was assigned to left it half on the highway during a pull over and bam. Its gone now...

    Before that the detroit police/dodge donated or gifted a viper to our police, but it was a few years used and it was a pos. They just ended up using it as a show car, mostly parked on the street out front of the station.

      2 years ago
  • Good vid. The Camaro was in fact first trialed by the CHP in the late '70s, rather than the early '90s. Not hugely successful (they even had to shorten the shotguns to fit on the dash).

      2 years ago