VIDEO | If you remember this you were born between '65 and '85

      2 pixels per square inch but that didn't keep me from spending a big part of my childhood behind my father's ancient PC

      2y ago


      The Lamborghini Countach, Porsche 911 Turbo and Ferrari Testarossa were the cars dominating my childhood wall (the actual physical one, virtual walls had yet to be born). The Lamborghini was by no means a new car in 1987 and neither was the 911. But the Testarossa: that was Sonny Crockett's brand new ride and we all wanted to be him. Why, you say? Because Sonny knew how to get things done with da ladies, which as you know is the single most important quality to an adolescent boy.


      The other quality that could make you climb the cool ladder in school more quickly than a Japanese fireman: owning a personal computer with an actual video game. In 1987, some genius at Accolade came up with "Test Drive". Each day after school me and my newly acquired friends raced our bikes to my house and we played that game until my father's Tulip started smoking.

      Gordon Gekko

      Forget about Gordon Gekko and The Wolf of Wall Street: in 1987 WE were the kings of the road and we had Sonny's car to prove it. It's a shame though we never got to find out how to get things done with da ladies...

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      • Ah those were the days. You never actually got anywhere in those games- the scenery in the background never got any closer, it just moved side to side.

          11 months ago
      • Terrific sound, that engine makes! Reminds me about what the I-Pace has invented... I started playing on C64 in the end of the 80s. I was so bad at driving games, I gave up on them. Maybe the fact that I was only about 3 years old has something to do with my inability to steer a virtual vehicle without crashing all the time.

          2 years ago
      • Test Drive by the looks of it some 8bit version

          2 years ago
      • I've never played this, my brother did though, must have been so cool for the time to be able to "see" the inside of all those cool cars

          2 years ago
        • Haha, it was. The details were a little off, to be honest. But it proves that you don’t need 4K realism to have fun on a PC!

            2 years ago
      • I have played Test Drive, was great for the time it came from, but I'm from the 1990s so for me driving games came on the original PlayStation, then the PS2 and Xbox that followed. I guess then for me, my favourite racing game was WipeOut, sure it may not be normal cars on a normal track, but it was the most fun I ever got out of a racing game series.

          2 years ago
        • Yeah, my gaming career sort of ended when the Playstation was introduced: I was in university back then and I couldn't afford it... I will look out for WipeOut on the tube, I love those old gameplay videos.

            2 years ago


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