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Video: Ken Block's 914bhp Hoonitruck in action

Prepare to see a merciless assault on tyres as Ken Block tests out his new Hoonitruck.

2y ago

Ken Block’s collection of Hooni-vehicles is about to get larger thanks to the addition of the Hoonitruck. Unveiled at Sema last month, the Hoonitruck will be seen properly in action in Block’s upcoming Gymkhana 10 video. But prior to that, the internet has been graced with a video of him testing the Hoonitruck in his traditional style.

Based on a 1977 Ford F150, the Hoonitruck uses the 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 usually found in the back of a Ford GT - only for Mr Block, the stock 647bhp just isn’t sufficient. As a result, it’s received a number of modifications to bring power up to the dizzying heights of 914bhp!!

In the video which you can see above, Ken thunders around a patch of land, spending the majority of the time sideways in an effort to eviscerate his 4 tyres. As a result of Ken putting all 914 horsepowers to such good use, I can say with total honesty that the last time I saw anything produce this much smoke, I was watching a Hawaiian volcano erupt!

While a Ford F150 may seem like an odd choice to turn into a machine of tyre decimation, it pays a poignant tribute to Block’s father, who owned such a truck when Ken was a youngster. Now that’s how you perform an automotive tribute!

The Hoonitruck’s power, and 702lb-ft of torque, is distributed to all 4 wheels via a 6-speed sequential gearbox. Something for the nerds out there: both the gearbox and 4WD system have been taken from Block’s old Mustang.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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