Video: Man plays 'Amazing Grace' on bagpipes for abandoned Jeep before Hurricane

1w ago


A red Jeep caught in the surf off Myrtle Beach Thursday morning as Hurricane Dorian approached entertained thousands and became an internet sensation. It became the butt of jokes and memes such as suggesting the Jeep needed a “Salt Life” sticker and that the vehicle was the most famous SUV since the white Ford Bronco in the O.J. Simpson car chase.

A swarm of news channels turned up around the Jeep and broadcast video streams showing waves crashing into the vehicle. For hours, it became entertainment for those stuck inside as Hurricane Dorian passed over the area. It remained there, bobbing in the waves at sunrise as the storm marched on through the Carolinas Friday.

The SUV drew plenty of attention from locals who stopped by to see the scene.

Most didn’t expect the Jeep to be there the following morning, and one person showed up serenaded the Jeep with “Amazing Grace” on Bagpipes as a -pre-memorial to the soon to be lost Jeep. Owing to the beach community, the bagpiper was wearing flip-flops.

The Jeep however survived, and workers used a backhoe loader Friday morning to tow the Jeep away, video posted by Myrtle Beach police shows.

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