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Video: Nanoli Speedway near Pune gets FIA approval to be a Grade 3 circuit

The circuit is being built on the outskirts of Pune Expressway.

A new track between Mumbai and Pune named Nanoli Speedway has received FIA approval to be a new Grade 3 circuit in India, which can host races upto Formula 3 level, being designed by former F1 racer Karun Chandhok along with the team at Driven International.

The company worked on the refurbishment of the Kari Motor Speedway recently, while it is also working on another track in Andhra Pradesh with Marque One Motor Club. The Nanoli Speedway, meanwhile, is expected to be 2.928km long and features two long straights, along with 12 turns.

The run-off will be a mixed one with grass and asphalt as the track will be used for track events and also racing. The organisers are looking to have off-road area for 4x4 cars as well along with area for karting in the long-term future to house everything possible.

The track is expected to have multiple configuration with the 2.788km one to feature 14 turns, as a shorter West circuit will be of 1.425km and East one should be of 1.463km, featuring seven and eight turns, respectively.

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