Video Of Koenigsegg Agera RS Run To 457 KPH Will Make You Bite Your Fingernails

This onboard video is some of the most nerve racking stuff you'll ever see.

3y ago

You never understand how slow 100 KPH (62 MPH) is until you see something drive at 4.5 times that speed. The Koenigsegg Agera RS, with the available 1,360 horsepower upgrade, has just done that. Though the official tally registers at 447 KPH (278 MPH) because it was an average of two runs, the Agera RS managed to go beyond 457 KPH (284 MPH) just in the right conditions.

The onboard video will be some of the most nerve racking stuff you'll ever see, and I certainly was biting my fingernails while my neck was riddled with goosebumps, watching the multi million dollar bomb down a very straight and level road in Nevada.

At these speeds so many things can go wrong. The wind may just be strong enough, or some unfortunate land mammal might get in the way, potentially causing something catastrophic. Even though it's going in a very straight line, you still need a professional driver's instincts and skills to keep this thing shiny-side-up. In fact, you can even sense just how light the car seems to feel as it sways, inch by inch, to the left and to the right as it travels at this record speed.

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  • Get on the Maglev train in Shanghai, China and you can get the idea at 431kph

      3 years ago