- POGForever's Forza 7 set up in video!

Video: POGforever's Ultimate Gaming Set Up!

A video to prove it all works with his Xbox!

3y ago

I recently wrote an article on @POGForever's Forza 7 set up on his Xbox. The supercar owner has hooked his Lamborghini Aventador up to his Xbox, and using a projector has made his Lamborghini into a controller for the game!

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A pretty cool set up for Forza 7! - Video from POGForever

Now, he has released a video showing his Lamborghini set up with the Xbox and working in action! For those of you who thought the image was fake, this certainly proves you wrong! Not a bad view from the cockpit either, with his McLaren 675LT parked next to his Lamborghini!

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