Video: Porta-Potty gets its kicks on Route 66

Must be 2020

1w ago


It’s a dream for many motoring enthusiasts to take a trip on what’s left of the iconic American highway, Route 66.

A portable toilet seems to have realized that dream this week. Video shows a porta-potty rolling down a stretch of the famous highway near Albuquerque, New Mexico past a busy intersection. Strong winds apparently dislodged it and sent it on the journey.

No injuries were reported, nor was there any reports that the porta-potty was actually occupied.

Known as the Mother Road, Route 66 was one of the first major highways built in America stretching through eight states for 2,500 miles. It was a celebrated part of American lore made even more famous by the 1946 hit by Nat King Cole, “Get Your Kicks on Route 66”.

Though it was decommissioned as an official U.S. highway in the 1980s stretches remain drawing tourists to this day. And on occasion, apparently, a porta-potty or two.


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  • LOVE IT. Yesterday I see the Boatcar on here and today I see this. Oh so 2020. We have lost our collective damn minds and what a wonderful world is coming from it. How good will 2021 be if this trends continues? Entire cabin on an F750 chassis? Whirlpool on a John Deer? STAY TUNED!

      9 days ago
  • "can it wait officer i'm busy"

      8 days ago
  • Video unavailable?

      8 days ago
    • It's working for me, and I have heard nothing from anyone else...

        8 days ago