Video: Shmee150 does high speed runs in his Senna and Ford GT!

1w ago


We all know of Shmee. Mr. Tim Burton, who appears to buy a new car every week. Not only is he one of the biggest automotive Youtubers out there, but he also has some pretty extraordinary cars in his collection.

Currently, Shmee has a McLaren Senna, Ford GT, Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Ford Focus RS X2, McLaren 675LT Spider, Aston Martin GT8 and Mercedes AMG GTR. Now, if you thought that wasn't crazy enough, he also has a few other cars on the way, including the new Toyota Supra, TVR Griffith, Mercedes G63 AMG and many more.

In this video, he shows the first top speed runs in his brand new Ford GT and McLaren Senna and I have to say it is quite possibly the best video he has done in a while. These are true emotions, shown by a man who truly loves his cars.

I find it so refreshing to see someone push these cars to limits they were supposed to be pushed to instead of just keeping them locked away in a secret lair.

Keep it up Shmee!