Video: The Best, and Worst, of the 2019 Super Bowl Car Ads

2w ago


There are a few types of people who watch the NFLs championship game: Those who actually care about such things and those who are only in it for the party.

And there are the outliers, those who like to party, and watch the commercials.

I sort of cared about the game and despite the low score thought it was a very good example of a great defensive contest; something you might see back in the 1970s. I had no stake in either team but was hoping for the underdog as always. A low score meant that one play could change the outcome making for a nervous fan, no matter who you were rooting for. As for the halftime show, sure the bands were talented but seeing a tattooed shirtless guy just isn’t for me, although the drone displays were rather interesting.

Sorry, I digress.

The bigger reason I like to watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials. And being a car guy the ones that interest me the most are those trying to sell us cars.

Here is my take on those ads, good and bad.

The Audi Cashew ad actually was the one I previewed here on DT. It was fun and quirky despite the fact that it is trying to sell us an electric car. Knowing the ending already it really wasn’t a surprise, but fun. And no, it did not convince me to want to rush out and install a charging port in my garage. Grade: A-

The Hyundai Shopper Assurance spot starring Jason Bateman was funny, cute and somewhat controversial as it stirred up the vegans and PETA, which to me is a very good thing. It trended on Twitter which no doubt had the Hyundai execs in American and Korea grinning. Grade: A+

Those silly Germans, aka Mercedes, gave a normal guy godlike power. The ad was designed to show off the new A-Class speech recognition software. It did so by freeing Willy, changing traffic lights and blowing up parking citations. Grade: A+

Kia had the biggest flop in my humble opinion. It featured the small Georgia town of West Point where their new Telluride SUV is being built. They attempted to endear us to the residents of the town in a dark and almost foreboding way. It reminded me of the coal mining towns in West Virginia from part of my youth; places where no one wanted to live but had to just to work the coal mine. Once the coal vein was tapped out all hope was lost. It’s a miserable existence made worse by the dismal surroundings. You can’t feel sorry for people in a coal mining town, nor in West Point Georgia, you’re just glad you are not among them. If the Telluride doesn’t sell that town would seem to be in peril. It makes me think that Hyundai is trying to guilt trip people into buying this new SUV. Grade: F with a minus.

I’ve wanted a Supra since Toyota teased its return last year. After the reveal recently, I wanted it even more. Sure, it’s a somewhat polarizing car, but to me it’s a sexy beast. Well seeing that sexy beast dance around a pinball machine gyrating to the Who makes me want one even more. I wanted it to jump off the screen and into my driveway. Grade A+ with a Gold Star

So what's your take? Do you agree or...?