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Video: Watch an LMP2 race car doing donuts on the streets of Portugal

Is this the best 'tire-burning' video of the year?

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Image from Youtube

Race vehicles are built to generate an immense amount of downforce to keep them on the track, meaning that they are not usually the tail-happy, tire punishers. However, Filipe Albuquerque of the United Autosport team decided to take his LMP2 race car to the streets of Coimbra instead of a race track.


In the short film, Albuquerque does some elevens, a lot of donuts, and cruises around town with his Ligier to promote the team’s participation in the WEC and the ELMS series. United Autosport finished 4th in the ELMS series and is currently 6th with two podiums in Fuji and Shanghai. Albuquerque will be racing in this weekend’s BAPCO 8 Hours of Bahrain as well.

Image from Youtube

Image from Youtube

At the end of the day…

The Ligier driving around the streets of Coimbra made me think, “What if WEC raced on street circuits?” Obviously, both F1 and GT3 occasionally race on street circuits like Monaco and Macau, so why not WEC? As a die-hard WEC fan, I would definitely love to see the new Hypercar class racers zooming around Monaco. What do you think? Vote below!

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Comments (10)

  • Why the heck did they put this music ? It doesn't go well with the video 😐

      10 months ago
    • Well, it's always the problem with car videos... Often the music ruins the already good soundtrack. Although the Gibson in there isn't the best sounding engine, still, the music wasn't good XD

        10 months ago
    • the last one? because it's a city full of traditions, and this kind of music is very popular in Coimbra. I respect him by playing one of songs

        10 months ago
  • For that poll, don't think that was the best picture to put. Interestingly though, almost everyone said that it was OK!

      10 months ago
    • Of course, that photo was obviously a joke, hence my wrap up paragraph... I am more than open to street circuits, and I guess quite a lot agree with me too!

        10 months ago
  • On the right circuit it could definitely work, if IMSA works at Long Beach then I don't see why not. Maybe the new Vietnam GP circuit might pose an opportunity...

      10 months ago
    • Well said... However, it seems at least for the 20-21 season, there isn't any street circuit... But at least WEC got Monza in their calendar...

        10 months ago


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