Video: Watch the Alpine A110 take on the mighty Monte Carlo Rally Stage

Hottest sport scar of the year goes on a journey to explore it's roots

2y ago

The new Alpine A110 is one of the hottest car of the year, and one of the best brand revivals we've seen for a while. The Alpine brand roots are firmly settled in the world of rallying, Alpines founder Jean Rédélé first made a name for himself modifying Renaults that took him to several class wins including the Mille Miglia and Coupe des Alpes. This success later lead him to founding the Alpine brand, named after 'Coupe des Alpes' or 'Alpine Rally' event.

Through the next few decades Rédélé continued to develop and hone in his designs of lightweight rally cars based around Renault chassis, finally culminating in the 1961 Alpine A110, the most successful and arguably the best Alpine car. It won the the 1971 International Championship for Manufacturers, and 1973 WRC title along a host of wins at other events. The brand was bought out by Renault in 1973 and produced a few more cars, but none of them were quite as successful as the A110.

Now TopGears Ollie Marriage took the new A110 back to the stages that inspired the original car, read more about its history below.

Originally 110 was based around the Renault 8 and received a host of engines from 1.1 litre in 1961 to 1.8 litre engines in the 70's, the engines produced from 55 to over 170 horsepower in competition spec. Cars main advantage was its incredibly low weight, the street car weight just 710 kg, while the rally spec car came in at 620 kilograms.

The new 110 follows in the same path, weigh just 1100 kg and uses a 1.8 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder with 249 horsepower.

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