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Video: when drag racing goes wrong

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While it may be an unpopular opinion between my pseudo-sophisticated Europeans, I absolutely and wholeheartedly understand the American obsession with drag racing. Yes, going around corners is incredibly fun in the correct vehicle - but acceleration reaches a point of ferocity where it conjures an addictive form of fear within you. And like all addictions, it can often lead you into trouble.

Drag racing is all about horsepower - but when too many horses try to bolt out of a small stable all at once, the stable usually ends up in multiple pieces all over the farm. And that pretty much sums up what occasionally happens in drag racing.

In the above video, you’ll view a montage of drag racing disasters. Nobody was hurt (hopefully) during any of the accidents, which permits us to giggle at some of the funnier ones. I won’t spoil the surprises that are in store in this video, but suffice it to say, there’s something in there for both car and bike enthusiasts to chuckle at.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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  • "acceleration reaches a point of ferocity where it conjures an addictive form of fear within you." Now you're just showing off :D And yes, I agree with you about it. Acceleration beats any other joy you can experience in a car. Cornering can end badly in a snap, and high speed loses the effect it has on you after 10min of driving at the same high speed. But acceleration, that gut feeling and the force that pushes you into the seat - you can experience that even under the speed limit.

    BTW, watching drag fails is always a lot of fun. Just like MMA. Wouldn't want to experience it, but I'll gladly watch :)

    1 month ago
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    • Haha! Cheers bud. Yeah, I'm not as used to fast acceleration as a professional road tester would be, so in the past when I've driven cars like the McLaren 650S, it's hit me harder. In...

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      1 month ago
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