Video: Why communist cars sucked

In a capitalist society, car manufacturers needed to please customers in a competitive environment by being innovative. What happens to car manufacturing in a Communist society? How much did that hamper the innovation in cars? How bad could they actually get? Well this Donut Media video goes through the history of Soviet cars and explain why they sucked! I was unaware of most of these cars, so I hope you learn something as well!

Watch the video here:

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  • Lada niva 1600

    14 days ago
  • Sigh. Another article that doesn't deliver what the title says. Top Gear covered this subject properly when Clarkson and May actually drove and explained why they were shit. So if you want to actually have the question answered of "did they suck", go find that episode.

    This article is just taking someone's video and rewriting the description. This is what's wrong with DT. Wanna be a automotive journalist? Get out and do it! Don't just sit back and ride off someone else's work.

    19 days ago
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