Video: Will Smith tries to steal Lewis Hamilton's job in Abu Dhabi

This is quite possibly the best F1 video of 2018

If you watched the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yesterday, the chances are you saw Will Smith at some point on the coverage.

In fact, you probably saw him every two minutes and certainly every time something exciting happened in the race.

While there was a touching send-off to Fernando Alonso post-race (which I won't go into because I'll get emotional), it was before the race that this brilliant video was released.

In said video, Will Smith appears to have kidnapped Lewis Hamilton, and wants to steal his race seat.

He claims that "no-one would notice" and that Hamilton should give other people a chance because he had already wrapped up the title.

In response, Lewis struggles and shouts "You better win bro!" as Smith leaves the room.


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Comments (8)

  • Hahaha that is super funny!!!

      2 years ago
  • Meh... personally i get sick of the access and attention the media and F1 give celebrities. I dont watch/attend races to see what out of touch hollytwit type shows up, they're an irrelevant distraction.

      2 years ago
  • The "..your black, I'm black, nobody is going to know the difference..." line is a classic. Other than that it is lame.

      2 years ago
  • The real reason why Will wants Lewis’s job is that he is tired of acting and wants to something a little more lively and exhilarating.

      2 years ago
  • More of this please, honestly drivers that can lose the seriousness and actually have a laugh are the best! If you know David Reynolds or Chaz Mostert you'll know what I mean.

      2 years ago