- Photo taken by me!

Vintage Bugatti's incoming!

My Dream Ride event photos are over! Time for some classic's!

2y ago

Yes, my many picture's from Dream Ride have all pretty much been posted and it's time to move on to my final big event of the summer photos! This event was none other than Lime Rock Park's Historical Festival! For those who love classic cars, especially Bugatti's, I've got some great posts comming up so keep an eye out on McLovin Car's YO! as well as other tribes! Hope you will all enjoy this new content because it was an incredible event! I don't believe any of the Bugatti's or any of the other cars are replica's so everything being shown is the real deal! Oh and I'm no expert on these cars so get ready for some vague titles and to have to tell me some info!

Here's a little sneek peek at what's to come:

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