This is a feature I've posted on Kinja LaLD for the past few years, and I suspect some here will find it entertaining as well.

Christmas is coming, time for something both holiday-themed and diecast-themed. Travel back to the era before the interwebz, when people bought things from catalogs.

First, FAO Schwarz, Christmas 1958:

Pressed steel, I know some like it :

Schuco :

Tootsietoy, Japanese tin, cringe-worthy bank showing 1958 was still before the modern era :

Dinky, Matchbox - these are the prizes for me :

The gift set at right, PS1-6, aka the Bronner Presentation Sets. These are stupendously rare, and mint in mint box might fetch 5K apiece. I believe all 6 examples have not even been found and may not exist today. Not a bad ROI.:

Now we jump ahead, Montgomery Ward, 1971:

The race cars appear to be some kind of clone of HW Sizzlers :

Tootsies :

JL was still active then :

SSP and oddballs :

Zoomer Boomer, never heard of it until I saw this catalog :

And what everyone wants, redline HWs :

Now on to Montgomery Ward, 1972:

More SSP and Tootsietoy :

Early Superfast Matchbox, and the “My Town” appears to be the basis for Pocket Cars playsets :

Assorted vehicles :

Sizzlers :

Now deep into the heart of disco, Montgomery Ward 1976, not much diecast content:

Evel Knievel is amusing :

The 70s in diecast form :

Now we jump into the 80s. Sears 1982:

Them Duke Boys :

Roadmates and Penny Racers, blast from the past :

Darda, HW sets :

Roadmates, late run Lesney Matchbox :

Roadmates :

Roadmates, more Pocket Cars style small sets :

Sears sold the hell out of Roadmates :

Roadmates that look like Stompers, and Stompers :

JC Penney 1982:

Various odd brands and not so odd brands :

Matchbox was popular :

You name it, they have it :

HWs, some fun castings :

I had one of these :

Montgomery Ward 1982:

Smurfs were a thing then

ERTL had a big range, I like the Smokey and the Bandit set :

Stompers! Smokey set there too :

HW sets :

Various :

Various, I see Matchbox and ERTL :

Ahead another year, JC Penney 1983:

I had the Knight Rider set and the Air Jammer VW :

Stompers :

Various sets :

HWs and others :

Matchbox and others :

ERTL and others :

And we’ll end our time travel tour with Montgomery Ward 1984:

Cool RC rigs :

More fun electronic stuff :

HWs and others. I have a vague memory of the “K” car shooter device :

HW sets :

That is all.

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