Vintage Diecast In Old Christmas Catalogs (pic heavy)

A trip back in time

This is a feature I've posted on Kinja LaLD for the past few years, and I suspect some here will find it entertaining as well.

Christmas is coming, time for something both holiday-themed and diecast-themed. Travel back to the era before the interwebz, when people bought things from catalogs.

First, FAO Schwarz, Christmas 1958:

Pressed steel, I know some like it :

Schuco :

Tootsietoy, Japanese tin, cringe-worthy bank showing 1958 was still before the modern era :

Dinky, Matchbox - these are the prizes for me :

The gift set at right, PS1-6, aka the Bronner Presentation Sets. These are stupendously rare, and mint in mint box might fetch 5K apiece. I believe all 6 examples have not even been found and may not exist today. Not a bad ROI.:

Now we jump ahead, Montgomery Ward, 1971:

The race cars appear to be some kind of clone of HW Sizzlers :

Tootsies :

JL was still active then :

SSP and oddballs :

Zoomer Boomer, never heard of it until I saw this catalog :

And what everyone wants, redline HWs :

Now on to Montgomery Ward, 1972:

More SSP and Tootsietoy :

Early Superfast Matchbox, and the “My Town” appears to be the basis for Pocket Cars playsets :

Assorted vehicles :

Sizzlers :

Now deep into the heart of disco, Montgomery Ward 1976, not much diecast content:

Evel Knievel is amusing :

The 70s in diecast form :

Now we jump into the 80s. Sears 1982:

Them Duke Boys :

Roadmates and Penny Racers, blast from the past :

Darda, HW sets :

Roadmates, late run Lesney Matchbox :

Roadmates :

Roadmates, more Pocket Cars style small sets :

Sears sold the hell out of Roadmates :

Roadmates that look like Stompers, and Stompers :

JC Penney 1982:

Various odd brands and not so odd brands :

Matchbox was popular :

You name it, they have it :

HWs, some fun castings :

I had one of these :

Montgomery Ward 1982:

Smurfs were a thing then

ERTL had a big range, I like the Smokey and the Bandit set :

Stompers! Smokey set there too :

HW sets :

Various :

Various, I see Matchbox and ERTL :

Ahead another year, JC Penney 1983:

I had the Knight Rider set and the Air Jammer VW :

Stompers :

Various sets :

HWs and others :

Matchbox and others :

ERTL and others :

And we’ll end our time travel tour with Montgomery Ward 1984:

Cool RC rigs :

More fun electronic stuff :

HWs and others. I have a vague memory of the “K” car shooter device :

HW sets :

That is all.

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Comments (3)

  • Lots of good memories there. I loved my Smash up Derby set and the SSP cars with their rip cords, gyro wheels and the sparks they made. Of course, Lesney Matchbox and redline Hot Wheels were prized by me too. Had plenty of the larger Corgi models as well. Car toys were so much cooler back in the day

      10 months ago
  • o k z o o m e r b o o m e r

      10 months ago
  • I can remember pouring over a couple of those very catalogs. Can we make stompers a thing again?

      10 months ago


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