When E-bike maker Vintage Electric and Emory Motorsports come together, you can image the end product to be something very unique and highly desirable

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E-bike maker Vintage Electric coming together with Porsche specialists Emory Motorsports is a match made in heaven. With the former presenting their VINTAGE-INSPIRED ELECTRIC BICYCLES like no one else can and the later bringing a twist of PERFORMANCE AND RUSTIC STYLING TO THE PORSCHE 365, it has to be said that the end product is even more gorgeous than what the electric bike maker already produces. Aptly named Vintage Electric Emory Outlaw Tracker, these new electric bikes are available in a very limited production run of just 50 examples, where each will set you back a cool $6,995 (€6,268). Not to worry as financing is at hand, provided that you can still find these limited-edition vintage e-bikes remaining on the shelves.

The Vintage Electric Emory Outlaw Tracker has been designed, developed and built in California. And as the name suggests, the e-bike features a tracker style handlebar while featuring signature Emory Motorsport visual inspiration such as the Carrera Silver paint scheme, bucket headlight and mesh grill drawn from the EMORY OUTLAW 365.

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  • It would technically be a moped being both bike and motorbike

      2 years ago
  • Quite beautiful. Never thought I say that about a bicycle. Or is it a motorbike?

      2 years ago


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